We offer you a complex processing of project documentation that the includes all mentioned parts according to the public notice No. 499 / 2006 (according to Czech Law) and its supplements, including building parts that is provided to us by an authorized external partner, i. e. technological part, budgets, specifications scope and in case of larger constructions also a horizontal bar chart and organization plan of building process. Realization project documentation includes calculations. We provide also a project documentation for area management and a building licence (only for Czech Republic). Naturally we provide a realization document (when the work is finished) according to our client wish.

The client usually obtains the realization document in three hard copies. Documentation for the management area and building licence is usually handed over in 7 hard copies. The real implementation is usually handed over in one hard copy. All projects documentation includes 1 CD with a documentation in an electronic version, commonly in *.pdf.

For each offer there is made a calculation, which is an integral part of contract. Price for project documentation is determined by agreement and isdetermined by the volume of work and required actions. Total costs increased byreprographic work (according to the actual number of A4) and completion of project documentation. Any additional work and materials not included in the contract shall be considered extra work and costs and are dealt with by written amendment to the contract work. For a language in the English language are supplements to the scope of work. The deadline is set by agreement and depends on the date of last valid transfer documents.

Project documentation is processed in ProgeCAD Professional CSY, Alibre Design and CAD Architecture CAD Premium. Text and table parts are created in Microsoft Office 2007.

In cooperation with a firm SoliCAD Ltd. we also work on projects in field of steel constructions, including authorised static calculations. Assembly work for solar systems for our company provides BARX Installation Ltd.

Actual situation in easing and mounting photovoltaic systems or Everett grant for solar systems and combined heat and power (only for Czech Republic) you can watch on the website Solar News or Green light savings.