Alibre Design

Alibre Design easy to use low-cost 3D CAD parametric modeler.

Alibre Design includes all essential tools for 3D modeling and drawing creation. The programme is distinguished by its clarity, simplicity, transcendental operating and of course affordable price.

If you are looking for basic 3D CAD modeling, opt for Alibre Design.

Alibre Design is a product of American companies Alibre, Inc. Software is available in 3 basic versions: Alibre design staff, Alibre Design Professional and Alibre Design expert. For summarized comparison tools please visit "Comparasion of versions".

The current version of Alibre Design is a version in 2012, takes advantage of annual technical support and you will always have the latest version including all novelties

Alibre Design Basic tools allow inter alia: 

3D parametric modeling of solids in Alibre Design:

  • Parts and assemblies
  • Parametric modeling and drawing
  • Recognition crash
  • Steering geometry table - driven (xls)

Advanced modeling tools in Alibre Design:

  • 3D sketch
  • Boolean operation (addition, subtraction, penetration)
  • Areal tools
  • Shell etc.

Advanced features of the drawing:

  • Associative parts list
  • Interrupted look view
  • Cuts
  • Details
  • or partial auxiliary view

Data exchange Alibre Design with by other systems in sizes:

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • SAT

3D PDF Publishing (3D PDF outputs in 3D)

Example 3D pdf file from the exported file into Alibre Design Adobe reader

To purchase a licence or personal performance of Alibre Design call or type email.