Solar Heating Systems

We offer a complete processing project documentation for solar heating HSW and heat wave pumps, including turnkey projects. Variants that are mentioned in the Czech mutation of "bid" applies only to the Czech Republic.

At present we use two kinds of systems. For family houses and smaller objects there is more suitable a compressive system, for additional heating and preparation of HSW, for which we use high-quality, fifteen tubules, type BAX T- 15 from the company BARX Energy Ltd., in combination with storage tanks of DZ Dražice or Reflex. For bigger houses and Housing Associations we use a non-pressure system with sixty tubular panels BAX T-60, the same manufacturer, in combination with storage tanks Fat Boy.

Heat wave pumps are also supplied by this company, both ground-to-water, air-water and also air-air type, up to 25kW. We are able to provide area collectors for heat pumps, ground water, and only in the Czech Republic. Foreign applicants have to arrange collectors and deep drilling themselves. Supply interface is terminated collector and combining collector, even for surface collectors, if the investor provides their own.

Assembly work is performed in cooperation with the investor (the preparation of construction). Conditions of preparation will soon be in the "Downloads" and that the option for family houses and blocks of flats. Further in this section you find general business conditions.

The offer price is approximate, in euros, and its specification is the valid rate of euro against the Czech crown on the day of signing the contract. All order are considered as binding and insist on removal of ordered goods. If the investor will withdraw from contract for any reason, before the meeting, we require a full payment , as if the goods were removed.

More information are served on request, because they depend on locality and width requirements.